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Our Mission

This is first and foremost YOUR website. You, the honest Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine (Enlisted and Officer), now have a place to come to "Sound Off." The ugly secret that injustice and crime are commonplace in today's military, will be hidden no more.

Our motto: "FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH. . .EXPOSING THE CORRUPT" is our battle cry! We go after, not only pompous brasshats and as COL. David Hackworth so ably put it - the "perfumed princes" like Gen. Wesley Clark - but Gestapo-like MP's, CID, NIS, OIS and other alphabet agency "bully boys" who ignore the Constitution of the United States and the right to Due Process.

There are military police and investigators who do a good job; they obey the rules and serve with honor. But all too often these days, those are the EXCEPTION, not the rule. Part of the problem stems from poor leadership. An arrogant and corrupt PMO, eager to "bootlick his boss," can set a terrible example for his troops. Those who are tasked with ENFORCING the law, should not be allowed to VIOLATE it!

Psychological testing should be instituted for all ranks to "weed out" the sadists and psychopaths who shouldn't be allowed to carry a weapon or a badge.

The military CANNOT BE TRUSTED to investigate itself. But we can, given proper leadership, lessen the abuses we know to be an everyday occurrence.

Rank may have its privileges, but it also has responsibilities. Colonels and Generals MUST be held to the same standard a Sergeant faces, especially when it comes to "sexual harassment."

Genuine cases of sex harassment MUST be punished. But let those who make FALSE ACCUSATIONS, for whatever reasons, realize this: IF YOU LIE, YOU WILL PAY A PRICE! You cannot "hide behind" your gender. Justice MUST be evenhanded. And until it is, the POISON of unequal treatment will continue to eat away at the foundation of the military itself.

We will fight for racial equality, equal opportunity, and an overhaul of the so-called Uniform Code of Military Justice. Clever and corrupt officers have "manipulated" the UCMJ for their own ends. They have committed crimes while claiming to "uphold" the law.

A special place in Hell - or a small jail cell in Leavenworth - should await them.

An Appeal to Our Readers

YOU are our "eyes and ears." We cannot succeed without you. We welcome and solicit your e-mail, or "snail mail." INFORMATION: names, dates, places, copies of documents, anything "legal" that can prove corruption and malfeasance, we need it NOW !

If you have been BRUTALIZED by the Military Police, "sold out" by the Chaplain or the IG, if you know of sex scandals and double standards, of waste, fraud and abuse, cover-ups, undeserved decorations, "suck-ups" and "politically correct" officers who would say or do anything to get that next promotion, let us know at once!

Your name WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, on request.

We, who served on active duty and in the Guard and Reserve, KNOW your situation, we have FELT your FRUSTRATION, we too have SUFFERED in SILENCE. But not anymore!

Let the spotlight of TRUTH shine into every dark corner. Just as they tried to "push out" honest officers and NCO's, let us EXPOSE the "criminal element" in the military for who they are! There is strength in numbers. And we, the active component, guardsmen and women, reservist, retired ranks, veterans and their families CAN and WILL restore honesty and integrity to our armed forces.

Our name shall be "LEGION" and each one of YOU can make a difference! Get the word out about E-mail all your friends and pass by telephone and word-of-mouth the news that at last the troops have a means to get the TRUTH to the American people and the entire world. Keep a low profile and document your information.

Remember those who have gone before you, who have shed their blood and given theirs lives that we may be free. Let us fight and fight again until the VICTORY is won.