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Harry Truman said it best. If you really want a friend in Washington, get a dog.

We found that out when we asked Congressman Allen West (R-Fla.) to help us expose and correct wrongdoing that has not only disgraced the United States Air Force, but cost the taxpayers several million dollars.

What we are referring to is the Maj. Jill Metzger cover-up (see related stories box below).


One would think a Tea Party darling and favorite of political conservatives everywhere would be eager to speak out about this egregious case.

Genuinely disabled veterans everywhere hold Metzger in disdain for her arrogant actions while on the TDRL list for three years - incredibly running in the Air Force and Marine Corps Marathons while at the same time collecting pay for an alleged 100% "disability."

On, we pointed out combat-wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have come back to the States missing body parts and got less than the 100% out-of-the-box "disability" award that Gen. Gary North's favorite personnel officer easily obtained

Now the pampered and protected one is back on active duty - presto - 100% "disability" gone. She's eagerly awaiting her promotion to lieutenant colonel.

Oh, that little "problem" about her phony "abduction" in Kyrgyzstan in 2006 that damaged our foreign relations, almost lost us use of Manas air base, cost the U.S. taxpayers several million dollars to pay for 24 - count 'em - 24 OSI agents to search six months for her fictional "kidnappers," the total lack of accountability by anyone involved in this case, and the glaring double-standard of justice under the UCMJ that has seriously damaged Air Force morale - well, don't be concerned about that.

Former Army LTC Allen West, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, isn't.

His staffer, Josh Grodin, apparently thinks we are stupid. You see, we got the "paper shuffle" routine that most congress critters use to "blow off" constituents and/or concerned Americans who have a legitimate concern.


It's the old "don't call us, we'll call you" routine.

Grodin informed us that our complaint and copies of past news articles on this case had been passed on "to the committee" and IF Congressman West heard anything back, he'd "be in touch."

Yeah, right.

So far, two months of silence. Why are we not surprised?


We even got a call back in September from West. He had very little to say, as he wouldn't commit himself at all (they learn fast when they get elected). He just listened. Not listening as we'd hoped, however - thinking of ways to help expose this injustice and rape of the taxpayers, to say nothing of the disrespect shown to Metzger's fellow members of the USAF. No, apparently he was thinking of a way to avoid getting "involved."

One time we asked a senator for help, and the thug leaned across his desk and snarled "What's in it for me?" West didn't do that. He just went AWOL when we needed him.

The colonel no longer wants our help. Apparently he's forgotten we not only fought hard for him when he was in big trouble back in Iraq and could have ended up in the Leavenworth DB, we endorsed and helped raise money for him when he ran for office in 2008 and again in his successful campaign for Congress last year.

But a politician who's an incumbent with higher ambitions is prone to discard "friends" and ordinary supporters along the way.


Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is frequently mentioned as being a vice-presidential candidate for the GOP in 2012. If he vacates his office in January 2013, that opens up a senate seat for the ambitious West. Would the ex-Army officer jump at a chance to tap conservative contributors once again? Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear take a dump in the woods?

What sealed it for us with West was when the "courageous" congressman refused to even put one of our carefully-documented stories on the Metzger scandal into the Congressional Record. "I am unable to do that," he piously pronounced, failing to explain why. Guess he never heard of former Defense Secretary and ex-Wisconsin Congressman Les Aspin.

A one-time Army captain and long time critic of military waste and corruption, Aspin placed hundreds of articles exposing such wrongdoing in the Record. West can't be bothered to include one.

That saying "fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us" applies here.

We gave you a decade of support, Mr. Congressman, and didn't ask for a dime or a "thank-you." Now that you've blown us off, we regrettably add you to our HALL OF SHAME. You qualify as one who full-well knows the extent of corruption in today's military - you were almost a victim of it.

But once you got elected and became a Republican super-star, it's who? Or should we say, Jill Metzger who? In any case, with 20/20 hindsight, we're glad you didn't share a foxhole or rice paddy with us during our editor's years (1966-69) in combat in Vietnam. If you had, we might have looked around, once the shooting started, and found ourself suddenly alone.

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