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Just when you think the brass at troubled McGuire AFB in New Jersey were in enough "hot water" over the O.S.I.'s alleged ABUSE of a 17 year-old Canadian girl (see MILITARY "INJUSTICE" AT McGUIRE), the Air Force gets in MORE trouble. has learned that Capt. Christine Castiglia of the base legal office recently made a series of "upsetting" phone calls to Airman Kenneth Betts' Canadian girlfriend Amy (we will not publish her last name for privacy reasons).

The calls, we are told, are especially unsettling because Amy had not given out her present phone number to Air Force officials. She had moved out of her Montreal home with her mother to a friend's apartment precisely to protect her privacy, something the O.S.I. violated when they obtained her Canadian Social Insurance number during interrogation last August.

"I can't believe they'd do this after what O.S.I. put me through before," Amy said. "I'm a Canadian citizen, but you'd think I was a criminal or something."

What upset Amy more than anything else in the Castiglia calls was the female captain's "deceptive way" of introducing herself.

"She said she was a 'trial counsel.' I thought that meant she must be working with Capt. Harvey (the ADC - air defense counsel). My God! She's part of the team trying to send Kenny to prison! Why didn't she SAY she was part of the prosecution? Can't any of these people tell the truth?"

Besides the deceptive tactics, Amy felt threatened by the tone of the conversation.

"She (the captain) started out not very mean, but then she said if I didn't WILLINGLY come down to McGuire and give my statement (about the O.S.I. questioning), they (the Air Force) would have to TAKE MEASURES to MAKE me come! Can they do that? They just want to beat up on me on the witness stand. I can have my statement notarized and submitted that way, can't I?"

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - has contacted both Canadian and American attorneys on Amy's behalf, and now she is aware of her rights and what the U.S. military can and CANNOT do to her.

In an exclusive interview with MCC, Amy said: "They were trying to get over on me. They must have something in mind if they're being this reckless."

Actually, Amy, what they are, is DESPERATE. This is worse than "stupid," it is "self-defeating."

They KNOW the O.S.I. violated your rights, used deception, questioned you about your "sex life" - who are the real "perverts" in this case, anyway? - and interrogated you knowing full well your age - that you are a minor in the eyes of American and Canadian courts. The "statement" they dictated from your remarks for you to type, cannot be entered into the court martial proceeding as evidence. They KNEW that, but they didn't TELL you. The aim, apparently, was to drive a "wedge" between you and Airman Betts, which would only increase his distress, working to O.S.I.'s advantage.

The fact that they upset, humiliated and degraded you - a 17 year-old girl - in that process, was secondary. They tampered with your emotions in order to USE you as a means to get at their "real" target - A1C Kenneth Betts.


"I'm scared. How did she (Capt. Castiglia) get this phone number? She isn't supposed to have it."

(MCC): Did you ask her - this is during her second call - HOW she came to have it?

"She said she didn't exactly REMEMBER how she got it."

(MCC): And did you believe her when she said that?


(MCC): Do you think she may have been lying?


The latest tactics by the Air Force have taken their toll on the Canadian teenager, who will reach her 18th birthday in January.

"I didn't sleep at all last night," she told "All I could think of was those calls. I do NOT want to return to the States. There's too many bad memories at that air base."


Thanks in part to the efforts of and A1C Betts loving grandparents in Montana, well-known and highly-respected military defense attorney Philip Cave has been hired for the defense.

This threw the Air Force into a panic at McGuire. At one point, the appointed ADC tried to get Betts to sign some forms "releasing him" from the case. Heeding advice NOT to sign anything without clearing it through Mr. Cave first, Betts declined, so the ADC remains "on" the defense "team."

One can only wonder at the MOTIVE for trying to "bail out" on such a controversial court-martial. Military "defense" attorneys are usually over-worked and under-staffed. Perhaps the ADC wished to lighten his "work load." Or maybe there is a more sinister motive. If the ADC got Betts to "sign off" and let him off the case, WHAT would happen to the damaging information gathered up until now on Betts' ACCUSER?

Readers of MILITARY "INJUSTICE" AT McGUIRE will recall in the letter written by the ADC, he relates how a witness told him the ACCUSER was untruthful and frequently had "crushes on older boys." The letter included details like the ACCUSER being removed for her home for disobedience to authority; that the ACCUSER was a frequent truant from school and had to report to a probation officer; that she openly smoked and drank alcohol at the "tender" age of 12. Not exactly, the poor "child" the O.S.I. would like to portray to a court martial as a "victim" of Airman Betts.

What if that critical information was NOT ALLOWED to be submitted in "evidence" because the ADC who gathered it was no longer representing the accused and part of the case? Clever. Right?

The Air Force brass have gotten so used to crushing lowly enlisted people - even on the basis of a "he said - she said" accusation (with NO witnesses or corroborating evidence) - that when gets involved, the so-called "leadership" hunkers down and instead of using common sense, tries to obliterate the target - in this case, Airman Betts.


The Air Force knows that there will be widespread repercussions if they fail to destroy Airman Betts' life and military career.

If ever the O.S.I. have been caught with their pants down, it is on this case. Willfully denying Betts his right to legal counsel. Using deception and lies to get him to "talk." Denial of any legal representation for over two months, during which time Betts was interrogated twice without benefit of an attorney. Putting Betts on mood-altering drugs which caused him potentially serious side-effects. Then placing him on "guard duty," ALONE, with a loaded weapon. How much easier everything would have been if Betts had committed "suicide." Case closed. But he did not. And the Air Force version of "justice" has been exposed to the whole world.

Not only the O.S.I., but their counterparts - the Army C.I.D. (Criminal Investigation Division) and N.I.S. (Naval Investigative Service) will feel the fallout from a Betts acquittal. "Bully-boy" tactics, and willful violation of Constitutional Rights and the UCMJ won't be employed as much in the future. The agents will be afraid they'll get caught. And they know full well, an eager "reception committee" awaits them at Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks if they get "sent up."

This case is far more important than any individual. Airman Betts may be immature and even na•ve in some ways, but he deserves the full protection of the law and his Constitutional rights as much as any other American citizen and member of the armed forces.


The Betts case goes from being tragedy to comedy and back to tragedy again. A case in point. Recently a senior NCO sat down with the young airman at McGuire AFB to discuss his "future" should he be "acquitted" at court martial.

The sergeant reminded Betts that the Air Force had spent a large amount of money "training" him. For sixteen weeks Betts attended and then graduated from one of the toughest computer specialist courses in the military. "We don't want to lose that investment," the sarge said.

Never mind that as of right now, the Air Force is seeking to send Betts to prison for up to seven years. Certainly the Air Force's "investment" would be blown then! When the airman expressed concern about his future safety, remaining in an Air Force that had tried to ruin him, the NCO's calming words were: "Don't worry. You'll have the assignment of your choice."


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