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The stakes are high at the court-martial for Air Force Capt. John Buck, an emergency room physician at Keesler AFB, Mississippi. As the first military physician to refuse the controversial Anthrax inoculations, he is sitting at „ground zeroš on a bull‚s eye as the brass get ready to bust him as a warning to the troops.

Still reeling from a growing chorus of criticism in the media and from people like Congressman Chris Shays of Connecticut and that state‚s Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the Air Force wants to dispose of the case quickly and hope the bad publicity will be kept to a minimum.

That‚s not likely when and other media outlets continue to shine a spotlight on this ill-conceived and criminal assault on the rights of service members not to be „experimented onš without their informed consent.


The military court-martial conviction rate approaches the figure of 98%, on par with Communist China. And the Air Force is not being subtle in their determination to destroy Capt. Buck‚s career and possibly send him to prison for up to five years.

„DR. BUCK WILL HAVE HIS DAY IN COURT BEFORE HE‚S FOUND GUILTY,š said a moronic USAF JAG officer, named ironically Capt. Jim Winner.

Send him to DINFOS for a refresher course in „spin-controlš and public relations. Most folks know the court-martial result is already cut and dried, but to be quite so OBVIOUS about what the Air Force wants, makes Winner a „loserš when it comes to projecting an image of „fairnessš prior to trial.

There was no fairness at all when Capt. Buck‚s request to resign his commission rather than face court martial was summarily rejected. What purpose could be served by punishing this 32 year-old physician, except that the Air Force gets its „pound of fleshš and sends the „messageš to others: „See what we did to him? You‚d better be scared of what we can do to you.š


During the three-day preliminary hearing before an Air Force judge, ace defense attorney Frank Spinner outlined a highly credible and reasoned approach to showing why and how the forced Anthrax shots were illegal and in violation of service members‚ rights.

„This vaccine was not approved for what it‚s being used for now,š Buck told in a telephone interview from his home near Biloxi, Miss.

„We cited the Federal law relative to use of experimental drugs on human beings without their prior consent,š Buck said. „This vaccine is potentially hazardous and has been unlawfully been forced on members of the military.š

[Based on conservative estimates, more than 2500 Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps personnel have either seen their careers ruined, been fined, jailed or otherwise harmed by saying NO to becoming a „guinea pig.š

The number of those who don‚t dare speak out is far greater, and has resulted in one of the worst moral dilemmas in the history of the United States armed forces.]

Of course the Pentagon trots out it‚s „expertsš to claim the vaccine, produced by trouble-plagued Bioport in Lansing , Mich, (and owned, in part, by Admiral Richard Crowe) is „perfectly safe to use.š But the American military have been lied to before - whether about the dangers of dioxin in Vietnam or the real cause of Gulf War Syndrome. The troops simply don‚t believe the generals and their oily „spin-meisters.š


Capt. Buck calmly and courageously awaits his fate. He knows „things have already been decided.š

The newly-married doctor, with wife Bridgit at his side, says he‚s prepared to „take whatever comes.š A religious man, Buck is at peace with himself and his creator.

His graciousness stands out. „I still think there are good people at high levels in the Air Force who realize the injustice of this,š he told

But where are they, as a man of great integrity faces dishonorable discharge and five years in prison for exercising his conscience and common sense? An illegal and immoral order should not be obeyed.

Clinton and Cohen are gone. They and the corpulent sycophant Admiral Crowe „cooked upš the Anthrax shot scam in the first place. Why doesn‚t the Bush Administration step in NOW and mercifully bring this ill-fated and illegal program to an end?

The silence is deafening.


Usually, at the conclusion of a preliminary hearing, when the decision is made to go to court-martial, the defense team gets at least 30 days to prepare their case. But the Air Force „brassš are so hell-bent on breaking Buck that they‚ve moved up the court-martial to Monday, May 21st.

„They are operating expeditiously to get this thing out of the way as fast as possible," our courtroom source said.

There‚s a bitter irony in that date for opening the trial. May 21st was the day Dr. Buck was to receive his promotion to major. His name had been on the promotion list for 18 months. So maybe the Air Force figured that was the day to drop the hammer on this man of integrity.

Whatever the result of the court-martial, Dr. John Buck will be a „heroš to untold numbers of military members who view their „leadersš actions with alarm.

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