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Isn’t it interesting how the government and their lackeys in the “establishment media” join forces, when the need arises, to conceal the truth by smearing responsible investigators as “crazies” and whacked-out “conspiracy theorists.”

Works most of the time. But not in this case!

A fascinating new book – “WITH OUR OWN EYES: EYEWITNESSES TO THE FINAL DAYS OF AMELIA EARHART” by Mike Campbell with Thomas Devine, has the “debunkers” and “disinformation agents” in a real “dither.”

The authors blow the cover off one of the most closely-kept secrets of pre-World War II – what REALLY happened to famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart on her last flight across the Pacific Ocean back in 1937.

Many books have been written over the years on the mystery of Earhart’s disappearance. Some of them, like Paul Briand Jr.’s “DAUGHTER OF THE SKY” performed an invaluable service in bringing into question the “official story? That Earhart crashed at sea and we can now “move on.” You know the routine: “Nothing more to see here (you sheeple). Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

Other Earhart books have been either wild speculation or deliberate disinformation. Despite his massive ego and surly disposition, the late CBS newsman Fred Goerner did “truth-seekers” a big favor by breaking through to the “mass market” reading public with his best-selling book “THE SEARCH FOR AMELIA EARHART.” He made it “respectable” to question the “official” story.

Thomas Devine is a former Army sergeant and veteran of the Saipan invasion during the summer of 1944 who makes a plausible case that the late Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal journeyed to the recently captured Japanese fortress island in the Pacific in order to oversee the destruction of Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra 10E at Aslito Field on Saipan.

Devine says he saw the Earhart plane – with serial number NR 16020 on the wings – on three separate occasions during the same day, shortly after he arrived on Saipan as a member of the Army’s 244th Postal Unit. Devine first became aware of the presence of Earhart’s Electra when, outside a hanger at the airfield, he encountered several Marine officers arguing with a distinguished looking civilian in a white shirt who seemed to be in charge.

Devine heard the officer say the plane had been discovered by then Lt. Col. Wallace M. Greene, USMC (later to become Commandant of the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War). The civilian, whom Devine later determined was Forrestal, ordered Devine and the officers away from the area, telling them it was “off-limits.” Before he left, an enlisted Marine told Devine that Earhart’s plane was inside the hanger, and he didn’t know “why in hell they want to keep it a secret.”

Later that day, Devine saw the aircraft fly over his unit’s bivouacked position and land at the airfield. Risking court-martial, Devine returned to the airfield and closely inspected NR 16020. Not long after that, Devine witnessed the burning of the “mystery” plane. WHY would Earhart’s aircraft be destroyed? What MOTIVE would there be to do THAT? Unless the government did NOT want anyone to ever know that Amelia was indeed on Saipan and executed as a “spy” by our onetime enemy, the Japanese.

There are other military “eyewitnesses” to Amelia’s presence on Saipan, and they add their voices in this incredible book. So, why is this important work, this significant contribution to true history, ignored by the major American publishing houses? Because only “professional debunkers” like Gerald Posner, who “parrot the government line,” get the front page of the New York TIMES “Review of Books” and “hosannas” by the “talking heads” on network news. Don’t forget, Dan Rather STILL maintains Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of President John F. Kennedy, a quarter of a century after that cover story was exposed as a fraud.

You have to know “WITH OUR OWN EYES” threatens the “establishment” when the disinformation folks trot out a former Naval Investigation Service (NIS) agent who has worked tirelessly to “debunk” the book and it’s revelations.
This fellow, who isn’t as “bright” as he thinks he is, almost succeeded in driving a wedge between Campbell and fellow author and “eyewitness” Tom Devine. As we used to say in Vietnam: “close, but no cigar.” Not that the debunker didn’t succeed in doing some damage. He has.

To those who don’t dig deep enough, his “timeline” theory that Forrestal couldn’t have traveled to Saipan incognito that summer of ’44, depends on a great deal of naivete. We are asked to believe that a “published daily event list” or even an official “diary” is the “be-all and end-all” of what really happened. found a seven-day period in between public appearances at press conferences in Washington in front of reporters and photographers, that Forrestal could have flown out to Saipan and back. When you are under orders from President Roosevelt and you’re the Secretary of the Navy, you can have a private plane at your beck and call.

The military had sufficient aircraft with “sleeper” accommodations aboard to easily transport Forrestal out to Saipan for a day or two and back in plenty of time to report to FDR that the last trace of Earhart had been obliterated. The Roosevelt loyalist had witnessed the plane destroyed by fire before his very eyes! What could have been more definitive than that?

As for Greene, he never wanted to talk about published reports that he might have been part of a cover-up. But the officer made it all the way to four-star general and Commandant of the Marine Corps. Sufficient reason for some to keep their mouth SHUT, even for 50 years.

As to the above-mentioned debunker, who had been so deprecative toward kindly Mr. Devine, and oblivious to other books on the Earhart disappearance that really do need “exposing,” the editor-in-chief of this website will match his more than 30 years as an investigative reporter in the major media against our ex-NIS “disrupter” anytime, anyplace. How about a public debate, pal? We have some very TOUGH questions for YOU!

If you don't like being told what to think or kept in the dark by "official" government "stories" designed to cover-up historical events, then you owe it to yourselves and your families to buy this book. We highly recommend it.


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