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This is our first editorial and we wish to extend greetings to all those reading our words. Welcome to the only web site in the world completely staffed by Vietnam veterans who are dedicated to getting the truth out to all our soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors and coast guardsmen.

The Pentagon spin masters will tell you only what THEY want you to know. Years of lies and half-truths have seriously eroded the trust that our nation's fighting force should have in their military leaders.

Service members see an egregious "double-standard" - different spanks for different ranks - especially when it comes to "sexual harassment." Yes, once in while a ranking officer, like MG Hale for instance, will be punished. But other generals, like the retired two-star now dating a Washington correspondent for a major daily newspaper, get off free.

It's a disgrace that 8,000 of our enlisted people have to use food stamps to get by while the fat cats and brass hats live very well indeed. We think the enlisted grades, especially middle-ranking noncoms, deserve a meaningful pay raise. Their families should have decent living quarters.

Part of the reason there is so much controversy over mandatory Anthrax injections, is because the Pentagon deceived us on the dangers of Dioxin (Agent Orange) used in Vietnam. Thousands of service members and their families are suffering today from
Gulf War Syndrome. Remember when the flacks were telling us that was just a figment of the imagination? Some Gulf War vets, terribly sick and scared to death, were shuttled off to the psycho wards of VA hospitals.

Now we are to believe there's nothing to the fact, so many pilots are sick at Dover AFB in Delaware, the ability of the base to function is in question. They took the "injection" and paid a price. We render a salute from to Air Force MAJ. Sonny Bates, who sacrificed his career to step forward and speak out. He was headed to a court martial until he got on
"60 Minutes." That top-rated TV program has a "sobering affect" on the top brass.

As you can see, we are fearless, outspoken and dedicated to our motto: FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH . . . EXPOSING THE CORRUPT. All of us are combat veterans who are willing to lay down our lives for our country if need be. We have a different enemy now, perhaps a more insidious and dangerous one. But we are no less dedicated to fighting for freedom and preserving the Constitution of the United States of America.


Our lead story in this, the premiere issue of, concerns one of the most disgraceful episodes of the Gulf War. Two days after a cease-fire and in direct violation of policy, glory-seeking Gen. Barry McCaffrey, now President Clinton's "Drug Czar," provoked a "battle" with a large convoy of retreating Iraqi troops. When the smoke cleared, hundreds of Iraqi soldiers, AND their wives and children, lay dead among the charred rubble. It was one of the most one-sided military engagements in the annals of war. Some officers called it a "turkey shoot." We call it a WAR CRIME.



The United States Marines are the best fighting force in the world. Our news editor, M. Byron Norrell was a Marine NCO and was wounded in the battle for Hue City (Vietnam) during the 1968 "TET Offensive." Many of my friends are Marine enlisted men and officers who never dishonored their uniform or their country.

That is why it is so hard to write this editorial.

A terrible injustice was done to the loving family of an outstanding Marine aviator. Col. Jim Sabow, veteran of more than 200 missions over Vietnam, was murdered in the back yard of his quarters at El Toro, MCAS, Calif. on Jan. 22, 1991.

Yes, the "official" version is the colonel committed "suicide" with a shotgun. But the facts of the case, as carefully studied by the editors of, prove otherwise. There were no fingerprints on the weapon; autopsy records, photographs and x-rays prove the colonel was struck on the back of the head before the barrel of the murder weapon was inserted into his mouth; and a mountain of other hard evidence indicates foul play. In this premiere issue, we have begun a series of articles that
will show how the real crime was covered up. We urge the present leadership of the Marine Corps to give Col. Sabow and his family the justice they have been denied for so long.

Reopen the investigation, and this time include ALL the evidence. No preconceived notions, just the facts. Those who are guilty should be punished. The honor of the Marine Corps hangs in the balance.


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