How sweet it is!

It's taken a long time for you to finally get what's coming to you - we've been on your trail for years - but now, thanks to FOIA and the Washington POST, the paid liars in the Pentagon public affairs office can't cover for you any longer.

As we say in our main news story (above), you thought you could "run out the clock" and retire this June before it leaked out that the Inspector General's Office had "substantiated," we repeat, SUBSTANTIATED, charges against you after a lengthy investigation.

When spoke with your PAO at West Point, we hit a stone wall. Not his fault. He was just doing his job. I was a PAO myself once, and worked for a good general, the late Peter E. Genovese Jr. Unlike you, Gen. Huntoon, he had honor and integrity.

Our sources at West Point tipped us off last year you were being probed for an "improper relationship" with a certain high-ranking civilian female at the USMA. Yes, we have her name.

But when we tried to get a comment from your office, we were shut out. Did you think it would end there? In your odious arrogance, did you think that whatever you did to dishonor the Army would stay hidden from view just because you are a big shot general with friends in high places?

I've got news for you, Huntoon. You're nothing but a "perfumed prince," like the ones my old friend and fellow Vietnam veteran, Col. David Hackworth, used to expose with some degree of regularity.

You're still under the same Uniform Code of Military Justice a private is, so may we remind you, sir, that according to the AR's, no officer can retire in grade unless he has served in that rank "satisfactorily."

Since the Pentagon IG has now gone on record with the POST as to allegations against you being "substantiated," you do not meet the standard. We intend to do all in our power to force Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to strip you of your third star before you can retire.

With all your money, it won't hurt that much, but at least it'll be some comfort to those you have offended and harmed in your less than distinguished military "career."

Only a couple months before you thought you could slip away with your fat retirement as a lieutenant general intact, all of a sudden the most powerful newspaper in the nation lifted the lid on a shameful cover-up.

Two flag officers - former three-stars like you - Gens. William "Kip" Ward and Joseph Feil Jr., both were busted down one rank after the IG "substantiated" lesser charges against them.

We haven't forgotten your elitist pomposity during the infamous Carlisle Barracks "gun grab" case back in 2005. The widow of Charles Honeycutt, former aide to Gen. of the Army Omar Bradley, remembers how you treated her and her husband with utter contempt.

Readers of can go back and see our stories about that shameful episode in your "ticket-punching career" when you were commandant at that once-respected Army installation. Just click on the yellow SEARCH THIS SITE tab on our home page.

Col. Mike (NO COMBAT) Colpo, the "chairBORNE" Ranger who graduated from West Point in 1978 as an infantry officer and spent the next 30 years avoiding one day of combat - or even overseas duty - was your chief of staff at the time.

We awarded him a YELLOW ribbon (to go with his paltry collection of merit badges), RED on each end, to denote the blood of those who, unlike him, dared to go into harm's way in service of their country. We called it the CAR ribbon. Not "combat action ribbon," like the Marine Corps has, but the "combat avoidance ribbon" for those who prefer clean sheets to sleep on and steaks in the officers club, letting others less fortunate, suffer and die fighting the enemy.

Before he retired, Colpo was selected to be chief of staff at West Point, over many other colonels who had combat records and were more deserving of such a high-profile post. Maybe you put in a good word for your old pal, Gen. Huntoon. Birds of a feather do stick together.

Remember a certain colonel at Carlisle Barracks while you were the commandant, who - naked and drunk - attacked his mistress, grabbing her around her throat and threatening to "kill" her and her dog?

His escapade made the news, thanks to us, and when it did, you Gen. Huntoon, allowed this creep to come back to work on Monday morning, as if nothing had happened at all.

Female workers at Carlisle Barracks e-mailed us protesting such "insensitivity," and we subsequently forced you to deal with a situation you would've preferred to "keep quiet."

So much for your meeting the standard set out recently by Chairman, JCS. Gen. Martin Dempsey and Secretary of Defense Hagel.

An Army flak has claimed you were cleared in the IG probe, directly contradicting what the Inspector General's Office told the POST. Who is telling the truth? Better still, who do you think will be believed?

The Pentagon, as of press time, refuses to release the paperwork on you because they hope they can stall for time and get you retired at full rank, despite your obvious "problem," before the American people can find out what you've been up to.

Well, they're not going to get away with it, and neither are you. You're busted.

Peel off that third star, general. You've been caught in the court of public opinion. Don't let the door hit your backside on the way out!

MAJ Glenn MacDonald, USAR (Ret)

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