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When a service member is denied justice, they alone are not the only victims. Their families suffer too.

One courageous mother, Glenda Ewing of Washington State, has felt that pain. She saw her Marine Corps son sent to prison on specious charges and has chosen to do something about it.

Like Aaron, before addressing the mighty Pharaoh back in Old Testament times, Glenda, mother of a marine sent to Leavenworth for a crime he didn't do (see top story), trembled at the thought of what she would say.

Testifying, among others, before the Cox Commission in Washington - a panel of judicial experts studying possible reform of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) - Glenda prayed to God for the strength to do what she must. She was there to plead not just for her son, but for all those who have been wronged by a corrupted and outmoded system of military "justice."

She spoke eloquently of the need for "fair and impartial" court-martial proceedings; the need to abolish the "kangaroo court" atmosphere where "undue command influence" so often affects the result. Just "going through the motions." Glenda pointed out the staggering figure that in the U.S. military, the court-martial rate of 98% "rivals that of Communist China."

The founder and president of CAMI, (Citizens Against Military Injustice), spoke not only as a mother who loves her son, but as an American citizen outraged at how this nation's sons and daughters serving in our military are DENIED the same rights under the U.S. Constitution that they have pledged their lives to

In a separate article here at, we will explore the railroad job done on Glenda's son, USMC Lance Cpl. Kevin Holt. But in this space here, we will report some of what Glenda Ewing had to say.

It is well worth reading by every attorney and officer of the court in this land. They should know how - in the United States Armed Forces - "justice" often times is an elusive quality.


I come before you today with the privilege of giving a voice to countless Americans who have none. The name of my organization, CAMI, Citizens Against Military Injustice, was born out of grief, fueled by anger, watered with tears, and sustained by will and determination.

Each day, stories of abuse by the military justice "system" reach my desk. I see destroyed and financially devastated families suffering heartbreak and loss at the hands of an uncaring, unfeeling and unjust process which makes a mockery of our Bill of Rights.

I am today, not without hope that with the help of other organizations such as and the United States Council of Veteran Affairs (, committed to truth and justice, that change in the UCMJ will come about.

Military justice for the majority is prefabricated according to the wishes of the local Commander, and the "trial" or "court-martial" is tantamount to a pre-ordained verdict of GUILTY. How could any court proceeding be considered fair when the "convening authority," by right of title, is given the power to select
the judge, the jury and defense and prosecution attorneys? It may go "unsaid," but the implication is very clear - if the convening authority "sees fit" to bring about a court-martial, then the accused can be assumed
to be guilty.

Robert Riskin, a former Army lawyer who is now in private practice says, "I find the system to be incorrigibly corrupt." He goes on with others to say that hundreds of convictions have been reversed on appeal because
of UNLAWFUL COMMAND INFLUENCE. And they argue that they cannot find a single case where a commanding officer has suffered prosecution for committing that illegal act.

What that says to others and to me is that for the military, there are different rules, two distinct sets of laws. You're either in a category "above it," or mercilessly beneath it's crushing weight.

And what does that do to the families of our service men and women? It destroys them. It shatters their lives. It depletes their life savings. It causes a bitterness deep within the soul of humanity. It carelessly and with impunity destroys the very roots of the Constitution on which this nation was founded.

We want a government that asks the ultimate sacrifice from our service members who fight for this country
on foreign shores, to at the very least, PROTECT them and afford them the best possible legal defense as is the right of every American citizen.

"Innocent until proven guilty" by an "impartial judge" is the right of every American. The military deserves a jury that can seek out the truth without fear of retaliation.

Your life has just come to an end, but you don't know it yet. Everything that you believe to be true, all that you have sacrificed for through the years, has been destroyed in the matter of a moment. But you don't know it yet. The "Green Machine" is geared for destruction, and deceit and lies are its currency. They are readying you for unspeakable agony. All your attempts to find out truth and justice for your loved ones are useless, but you don't know that. Not yet.


As written in "Dante's Inferno" - "Abandon hope, all who enter here." The court-martial is not an instrument of justice and impartiality; it is a tool used to destroy those targeted by corrupt men who would manipulate the system for their own devious ends. There is nothing on this earth that will frighten or intimidate me into abandoning my mission for justice!

I thought I was alone. I believed I was the only one. And then I learned the truth. My son's case was not special. It wasn't even unique. We were just ONE MORE fatality of the outdated UCMJ that claimed not only the life of my son, but my marriage, my family, my other children, my home, my business and my freedom.

It radiated outward into all areas of my life like "shock waves" from an earthquake. Like my son, I too am in "prison" - a torture of the mind and soul - that the military inflicted on me when they denied Kevin justice.

In the movie "A FEW GOOD MEN." Jack Nicholson - in the role of a Marine Corps colonel - said we can't handle the truth. Well, I'm here today to tell you that not only can we handle it, we are starved for it! We DEMAND it and we will NOT be intimidated under pressure to back down until we find it

"Injustice will not be destroyed until those who are not affected by it are just as outraged as those who are."
(Author unknown)

EDITOR'S NOTE: It is the policy of never to ask for money for any reason from those we help. But that does not prohibit us from asking you, the reader, to search your hearts and conscience, and please donate to Citizens Against Military Injustice, a non-profit organization badly in need of funds to continue the good fight. Let Glenda Ewing know what you think of her crusade by contacting CAMI through our links list on the home page, or directly at . We thank you.

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