COMES UNDONE has conducted an intensive two-year investigation trying to dig out the truth behind the bizarre "abduction" of former Air Force poster girl, Maj. Jill Metzger, in Kyrgyzstan in September 2006. Now we can say with confidence we have at last uncovered the ugly and shocking truth.

That story will be published on these pages in a three-part series in the near future, as we get closer to the second anniversary of this dark and shameful chapter in Air Force history.

You, the decent and dedicated men and women of the United States Air Force, have been disrespected and deceived by your so-called leadership. To them, "core values" is just a clever phrase to distract the rank-and-file from the fact these generals are morally bankrupt. Neither you nor the American people have been told the true facts behind the Metzger mess because too many careers of high-ranking officers would have been adversely affected if the real story got out.


So these brass hats were content to stick the taxpayers of this country with the tab for millions of dollars wasted on what one honest OSI agent told us was a "wild goose chase," hunting for fictional kidnappers who only existed in the twisted mind of a pampered and protected personnel officer who thought she could "con" her way out of anything. Don't forget the sharply higher rental - the millions of bucks more - the US had to pay Kyrgyzstan to keep the Manas Air Force Base running without interruption.

Did you ever wonder why the Kyrgyz government was so willing to "let bygones be bygones" after having their country slurred and slandered by Jill Metzger's lies? Relations between our two nations could have gone downhill fast. We know from our sources on the ground in Bishkek that the local police were "on to her" from the start, and were outraged when the little major was whisked out of the country from right under their noses. We are told they were eager to question her further on her specious tales of "derring-do."

You can't really blame Kyrgyzstan authorities for demanding a huge increase in the Manas AFB annual rent. It was a smart move on their part. However the American taxpayer didn't deserve to get stuck with that bill, plus the staggering expense of the hunt for Metzger's "abductors" and all the related costs associated with that.


As long as the Pentagon could "sit on" the OSI report; not issue any statement as to what occurred; could put off lazy and politically correct "mainstream media" reporters as well as the tabby cats over at tame AIR FORCE TIMES with the standard line: "Sorry, can't comment. Case is still under investigation" or hide behind the Privacy Act, they might have gotten away with it. After all, it's been two years, and once Jill got the lucrative sweetheart diagnosis of PTSD "disability," well, who's left to complain and upset the apple cart?

We are! Have you stopped to think of our wounded and genuinely disabled veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan with scars on their bodies and in their minds? They don't have a "dotting retired colonel daddy," or a well-connected OSI-agent husband, much less two trophies from winning the Air Force Marathon. Do you think they would have scored a 100% PTSD "disability" rating and all the money that entails right off the bat? Of course not.

For the past two years we have chased down every lead, spared no expense, dedicated thousands of man hours of hard work and checked and double-checked our sources both here, in Germany, and in Kyrgyzstan to find out what really happened. We never gave up or were dissuaded, despite the "stone wall" put up by an Air Force "leadership" who knew full well Metzger's tale of heroism was a fraud and a lie.


To his everlasting shame, disgraced and recently fired Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley was content to keep a lid on the truth. With his crony and Jill-enabler, Gen. Gary North (whom we are still waiting for Secretary of Defense Gates to fire for reasons pointed out elsewhere on, Moseley was smug in the knowledge he controlled the flow of information. With an arrogant thug like Gen. Dana Simmons running OSI, the top brass figured it was a done deal. Think again, gentlemen. You are so wrong!

You didn't count on the outrage among all ranks at your heavy-handed deceit. We got tips from Jill's contemporaries almost from the start. (We can be reached at Using a detective's "story-board" technique, we added bits of INTEL from here and there until the picture began to come into focus. But the final breakthrough came when we penetrated OSI and found out what was in those closely guarded reports. That's when the carefully-conceived cover-up finally came undone.

A Congressional investigation is in order here. We know there are those who will whine that getting an abortion and lying about it, or faking a kidnapping is forgivable. At least for a certified "celebrity" like Jill. Rules, regulations and the UCMJ are for other people. But what about the money? The millions of wasted taxpayers' dollars. There are those who've gone to jail for less, and maybe before this is over, there'll be a new inmate at the brig in Miramar.

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