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The Michigan National Guard patrols the fences these days around Bioport, the controversial Anthrax "vaccine" manufacturer in Lansing.

The only facility in America licensed to make the divisive drug, Bioport has been beleaguered by a series of shutdowns by Food and Drug Administration officials who found "unsanitary conditions" during inspections of the facilty, owned in part by Clinton "crony," retired Navy Admiral William Crowe.

After a firestorm of criticism and hundreds of refusals by officers and enlisted members to be "guinea-pigged" by forced shots - on pain of court-martial or imprisonment - the Pentagon and then Secretary of Defense William Cohen created the "cover story" that a major policy change had been made: not to inoculate the entire military force, only those going to "high-risk" overseas areas.

Little was said that stocks of usable "vaccine" from Bioport were virtually nonexistent.

Anthrax expert, Dr. Meryl Nass of Freeport, Maine, tells some at the Pentagon might use the current national crisis and the widespread fear of Anthrax infection among the American public to "back-door" the forced shots on our armed forces.

"There are six or seven million unapproved quarantined doses (from Bioport) which the FDA can choose to release and which I'm told - unofficially - are being re-labeled 'experimental' right now," Nass said.

"I'm concerned Bioport hopes to get the green light to release the doses under some protocol that really isn't kosher - but the FDA may allow them to do it!

"That's what will happen IF the FDA caves in. However, if enough pressure is brought to bear, the politicians and FDA bureaucrats won't dare to do that."

As for the "suspension" of forced shots on service members not going overseas, Nass says she's not buying the "official" explanation.

"It gave the Pentagon and Bioport a way to claim they're not ending the program.

"That way they can contend: 'We're not acknowledging there are any PROBLEMS - we just have these SAFETY considerations."

" That's how they are trying to SPIN it because IF they say they have a manufacturing problem, then they are opening themselves up to lawsuits. So they're just stonewalling, like they've stonewalled everything else."

Dr. Nass contends releasing the suspect doses under cover of a "crisis" and a panicked populace would not only be a "big mistake," it would be morally indefensible.

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