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"They might as well of killed him, because what they did drove him to his death!"

Maria, widow of CW2 Luis Rodriguez-Martinez, whose lifeless body was found in an isolated section of the Franklin Mountains last November, was hurt and angry when she was interviewed by at her El Paso, Texas home.

"My husband gave many years to the Army and he helped so many people. But in the end, it was the Army that destroyed him, and very few 'friends" remained."

Earlier articles in detailed how Chief Rodriguez-Martinez was railroaded and finally sentenced on trumped-up charges at his court-martial to ten years in Leavenworth Prison.

This, despite an outstanding military career and no concrete proof that the veteran warrant officer had actually committed a crime., at the direction of our distinguished Chairman of the Board, Brig. Gen. Peter Genovese, USAR (Ret), launched a full-scale investigation into this tragic death. We sent an undercover investigator onto Fort Bliss, Texas and into El Paso where he was able to interview many civilians and soldiers about alleged corruption
and low-morale at the troubled Army installation.

The overwhelming response we got was the chief was either murdered (and it made to "look" like a "suicide"), or was hounded into taking his own life by heartless brasshats who were enraged by the warrant officer's refusal to lie
or commit perjury against other targets in an Army-related drug investigation.

Interviews with sources on the El Paso Police Dept., Dr. Niels Pedersen - who found Rodriguez-Martinez's body just off a running trail at Franklin Mountains; family and friends, lead us to believe that many unanswered questions remain in this needless death.


WHY did the chief's own "defense" attorneys repeatedly disregard his written and oral instructions to them during the three day expedited court-martial? Was the "fix" in?

WHY did the trial judge, after pronouncing the warrant officer "guilty" in absentia, make a big show of coming over to the prosecution attorneys in the courtroom and "congratulate" them in full view of Maria and her 25 year-old son, Luis Jr.? Did this arrogant LTC even consider the "appearance" of collusion and gross-insensitivity towards a family that, at that very moment, was agonizing over the fate (dead or alive?) of a missing husband and father?

WHY were the El Paso Police told a false story that CW2 Rodriguez-Martinez had "hung" himself with his Army belt? (That version was initially passed on by unsuspecting El Paso cops to the family and

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with, Dr. Pedersen described the death scene when he discovered the warrant officer's body:

"He was sitting a few feet away from where I was standing, slumped against some rocks, and at first I thought he
was only sleeping. But when I tried to rouse him, I realized he was dead."

Dr. Pedersen confirmed that Rodriguez-Martinez was wearing his Army belt around his waist and while a rope
formed into a "noose" was laid out on the rocks beside the body, it had not been used. Some informed sources tell that the rope may have been placed there by those seeking to cement the "impression" that the warrant officer had committed suicide.

WHY did the Fort Bliss PAO, a civilian, who has slandered and defamed as, and we quote: "," tell the news media that "no guns" were found near the body? Our investigation shows CW2 Rodriguez-Martinez didn't own a gun. Was it anti-Hispanic bias to smear the dead man as if he was "Pancho Villa?"

WHY the lengthy time that elapsed - at least 24 hours - from the time the chief's car was found and his body discovered (by a civilian doctor not connected with the military) two miles away?

WHY was the chief's cap and blouse to his dress greens left on the front seat of the automobile when he walked
(or was carried) to the spot where the body was found? It was bitterly cold and near freezing temperatures - below-freezing if you factor in the wind chill - that night in the El Paso area.

WHY didn't the chief's permanent-shine "low-quarters" show ANY scuff marks from the difficult trek through
terrain in dusk or darkness conditions for a distance of two miles?

WHY won't the authorities release the contents of an alleged "suicide" note they said they found to the grieving family of the dead warrant officer? It has been nearly two months!

"It is Christmas morning here in El Paso," Luis Rodriguez-Martinez Jr. told "Still, we have been put off time and again whenever we ask at least for a copy of my father's note, if indeed he wrote it. What harm would it do to give us a photocopy? What are they trying to hide? My mother and sister Eimi deserve at least that much, two months after my Dad died."

WHY were the Fort Bliss authorities so eager to bully the family into allowing them to do their own autopsy as soon as possible? Thanks to protests by family members and the help of MAJ Glenn MacDonald, editor-in-chief of, the Army finally relented and released the body to the El Paso County Coroner's Office where a more "impartial" and "objective" autopsy could be performed.

WHY has the Fort Bliss "leadership" looked the other way at other alleged corruption on base while devoting considerable time and resources to destroy a highly respected and honest warrant officer?

WHY do so many soldiers on base describe a climate of "fear" and "low-morale?" Are the authorities ready to clean up corruption, or are they actually part of it? Time will tell!

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